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From high tech to residential real estate in Incline Village, NV I have employed the same personal business model: hard work, honesty, dedication to customers and impeccable ethics. Whether you are buying or selling my objective is to obtain the best price for your house in the shortest time period with minimal hassles.




  • I am a full time Incline Village resident and homeowner since 2007.

  • I am an ex Silicon Valley executive and I speak your language. I use Powerpoint and Excel – I do not use commercially available real estate applications that are difficult to explain to clients.

  • I do not overload myself with clients. I only work with a maximum three clients at a time so I can deliver exceptional results.

  • I keep impeccable records so you don’t have to. Through your entire transaction you receive both physical and virtual world copies of every detail of you purchase or sale. After closing you receive a binder and memory stick with all of the information, including e-mails and details of phone conversations of your purchase or sale.

  • I am dedicated to the community and I speak regularly at town hall meetings on topics such as beach exclusivity, the Diamond Peak Master Plan and I have consulted, without pay, to the local government (IVGID) on their proposed hardware and software re-architecture plans.

  • I am highly analytical and excel at contracts, numbers and negotiations.

  • I embrace diversity and I have over 48 years of business experience; 30 of which are international.

  • My personality traits, business experience / acumen, ethics, education and dedication to customers allow me to deliver crystal clear results. If you want a real estate agent that will give you Aunt Eileen's chocolate chip cookie recipe I am not your guy. If you want an agent that will work tirelessly for you, someone who is highly educated and experienced, someone who will negotiate hard on your behalf, keep impeccable records and deliver to you the best deal possible then I am the agent for you.

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